Transport function of biofilm

Transmembrane transport of small molecules For each living cell to maintain its normal life activities, it must absorb nutrients from the outside through the cell membrane in time, and at the same time it must continuously discharge its metabolites. The ways in which these nutrients and metabolit-----

Methyl stearate / methyl stearate / methyl octadecanoat…

English name: Methyl stearate; Methyl octadecanoate; Stearic acid methyl ester Other names: methyl stearate; methyl octadecanoate CAS number: 112-61-8 C19H38O2 = 298.50 Level: CP Content: ≥98.0% Iodine price: ≤3.0 I2g / 100g Crystallization point: ≥29 ℃ Acidity (as -----

Instruction Manual of Rat Macrophage Inflammatory Prote…

Instruction Manual of Rat Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 2 (MIP-2) ELISA Kit This kit is for research use only Intended application Quantitative determination of MIP-2 content in rat serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant or other related liquids by ELISA. Experimental principle This kit us-----

Construction of PLC-based remote online access training…

Zhang Yinghui Du Jiang Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College Shenzhen, Guangdong 518055 Abstract: Introduced the construction of PLC-based remote online access training room based on Internet technology. The training room uses industrial communication modules, relying on Siemens PLC's pow-----

2.4G digital wireless public address system (wireless r…

2.4G wireless microphone system features: Wireless frequency range: 2400-2483MHz Modulation method: GFSK Support infrared frequency matching. After power on, it will automatically enter the frequency matching state. It can complete the frequency matching with the speaker within 1 second, and th-----

Double lentil lectin (DBA) ELISA kit instructions

The company specializes in supplying Elisa kits, quality assurance, price concessions, and can provide free testing services, please call to consult! This manual is for reference only, subject to the company's current provision, please call to obtain it. This kit can only be used for scientif-----

How to distinguish paper grain

Question: How to distinguish the paper texture of paperback and roll paper. Thank you! Answer: The so-called paper thread refers to the texture of the paper fiber structure, that is, the arrangement direction of the fiber structure. Where the paper roll is parallel to the paper machine's runn-----