New transparent packaging film

A biodegradable Bio-Flex 467F polylactic acid/polyester blend available from FKuR Kunststoff in Germany for film processing. With polyethylene's existing blown film processing equipment, there is no need to make any adjustments to the equipment's screw, die, or transfer device. Compared wi-----

Looking at the Circular Economy from the Overpacking of…

Abstract: Today, over-packaging of goods is flooding the market. It not only misleads consumers and harms the interests of consumers. What's more, it wastes resources and energy and pollutes the environment. This phenomenon is contrary to China's development of circular economy and the con-----

Lynne chrapliwy package design work (1)

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Shaanxi Beiren launches green gravure printing machine

A few days ago, Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the Y176 unit gravure printing machine. The printer is unique in structure, high in automation and high in production efficiency. It is the highest level of gravure printing press in China. It is worth noting that the test showed-----

Technical defects and remedies for printing inks (3)

Fault phenomenon: When the process of packaging and varnish coating of inks is performed on a vertical surface, the ink or coating oil tends to flow down due to the force of gravity during film formation (A. When the ink or oil contacts the substrate Spreading; B. When a certain amount of graviti-----

Pearlescent plastic ink in the gravure in the fourth co…

Fourth, paste version, blocking version 1, the ink drying too fast, should adjust the appropriate drying speed. 2. Impurities are mixed in. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when printing. 3, improve the printing speed. Reduce dry time. 4, reduce the scraper and pressure roller dist-----

Digital Screening Technology in Gravure Printing (3)

Gravure plate making method and requirements for outlets The conventional method in the gravure platemaking method is a gravure plate making method. The method produces a plate with the same mesh area and expresses the level of printed matter with the depth of the mesh. Its original version has -----