High-performance automatic RFID electronic label packag…

This project is a research and development project of Shenzhen Huitian Industrial Co., Ltd. It is an automation product with independent intellectual property rights. It integrates a variety of disciplines such as computer, electricity, mathematics, vision, radio, automatic control, computer softw-----

New Beer Forces: Analysis of Metal Effect Inks

At the end of the 1990s, the beer label passed through the stencil paper to the aluminum spray paper. The high-gloss, high-humidity, strong metal label allowed the high-end beer to be demonstrated. The high-end and ultra-high-end beer, which accounted for 15% of the total beer share, were all conv-----

Packaging barcode: a corner illuminated by Japanese des…

“The tentacles of the package should be everywhere, but why is the bar code on the package always the same?” I asked, but I didn’t do anything until one day I saw a group of bar code designs by a Japanese designer and learned that they had also asked questions like this. . Perh-----

The impact of green packaging

At present, in the international arena, the green packaging system has become one of the main contents of setting up green barriers in developed countries. According to related statistics, China's annual foreign exchange earnings have been reduced by about 10% due to packaging problems, a con-----

Dotline new violet laser platemaking machine

CTP (computer-to-plate) technology has become widespread in developed countries and is used in commercial and newspaper printing. Judging from the plates and CTP platesetters, they are mainly divided into thermal and violet laser technologies and equipment. Violet laser plate making technology ha-----

Murata gold foil "free stickers"

Shanghai Murata Gold Foil Industry Co., Ltd. has introduced a “free sticker” that can be affixed at will, unlike the labels that can be seen on the general market. This “free sticker” is not only thicker in design but also has strong adhesion. , is a new kind of advanced tr-----

From the perspective of environmental protection printi…

In the industrial society where industrial production flourishes and people’s living standards have generally improved, the printing industry has played an important role in the national economy. Brilliant and colorful prints have brought about civilization while also causing environmental -----