U.S. Develops Single-layer PET Barrier Bottles with Active Oxygen Barrier Performance

U.S. Invista has developed a single-layer PET barrier bottle with active oxygen barrier properties and has been tested at some brewery plants. The British company Huhtamaki also successfully developed a new type of plastic packaging material that has both passive and active barrier functions, which can effectively inhibit the infiltration of oxygen. Even after food packaging is cooked, the effect will not be reduced.

Microfiber Bag/Pouch is made of 100% microfiber. The inner surface of the Microfiber Bag is soft so that glasses can not be scratch. It is very convenient and lightweight, you can take it anywhere anytime.Use the microfiber bag , your glasses can be safely protected. Due to the inner part of the microfiber bag opening with a free pulling rope.


1. ECO-friendly 
    Microfiber bag is a very economical ,environmentally and safe product.
2. Widely Application 
    Protect glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, camera lens, mobile phone, jewelry without 
3. Promotional 
    Microfiber bag printed logo ,can be a great promotional gifts.
4. Easy Care
    Microfiber Bag can be washed and re-used .

Detailed description :

Commodity: Microfiber bag, Microfiber Pouch (single drawstring/double drawstring)


A. 80%polyester&20%polyamide

B. 70%polyester&30%polyamide

C. 75%polyester&25%polyamide.

D. 100%polyester

Microfiber Bag/Pouch

Microfiber Bag/Pouch

Microfiber Pouch, Microfiber Bag, Microfiber Sunglasses Bag, Custom Microfiber Pouch,Microfiber Glasses Bag

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