Shaanxi Beiren launches green gravure printing machine

A few days ago, Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the Y176 unit gravure printing machine. The printer is unique in structure, high in automation and high in production efficiency. It is the highest level of gravure printing press in China. It is worth noting that the test showed that the residual amount of residual solvent benzene in printing is only 2.2 mg/m2, which is much lower than the national standard of benzene residue no more than 3.0 mg per square meter of food packaging products.

In recent years, Beiren Printing Machinery has used its own scientific research advantages to continuously optimize product design and set out to develop environmentally friendly, safe and energy-saving printing machinery. Specific measures include the use of a new type of drying oven to eliminate hot air with a high concentration of solvents directly; use both sides of the exhaust to eliminate offset of the feed film to increase the thermal energy utilization rate; optimize the drying of the pipe network to reduce wind resistance by 40% and wind speed by 30%. In addition, Beiren Press also conducts product component testing through a professional test platform to ensure the performance of equipment and control residual solvents.

Source: China Industry News

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