Seven beauty skin care tips teach you how to moisturize

If the skin is dehydrated, it will lead to dryness, yellowing, dullness, sagging, wrinkles, aging, etc. The moisture content of adult female skin is only 15% or lower, far lower than 25% in infancy. Water shortage is the root cause of our skin aging. If you want to be young, you need moisturizing. Xiaobian today shares seven tips for beauty and skin care to teach you how to moisturize !

Seven beauty tips tips to teach you how to moisturize

One: basic moisturizing

Basically, the moisturizer is the same as the “handle” of sunscreen.

1 According to your skin and skin condition, pour out the right amount of moisturizer on the palm of one hand.

2 Use two hands to spread the moisturizer, evenly distributed on the five fingers and palm.

3 Cover and pat with both hands, from the center of the face to the cheeks and hairline direction, gently tap to open.

4 Use your fingertips to gently tap the details, such as the nose, mouth, hair and eyes.

5 With the whole middle finger (the length and the legal pattern), gently press the position of the pattern, so that the skin care products are evenly distributed, and the expression lines are lightened.

Two: tap water cold compress method

No need for lotion, no mask, but want to strengthen moisturizing and metabolism, what to do? The most economical and effective method is "tap water cold compress method".

1 After washing your face, use a cotton pad to cover the cold water and stick it on the areas that need to be strengthened, such as the nose and the cheeks in the center of the face. Apply about 1 to 2 minutes.

2 After removing the cotton pad, press the excess water (do not press dry), directly take the moisturizer, you can increase the hydration of the skin, make the acne metabolism more normal, and improve the problem of large pores.

After the sun, I want to speed up the whitening, or the skin is sensitive to redness, and even change the MM of sensitive muscles that are easy to peel off. This is also a recipe for calming the skin and enhancing the repairing power and whitening power!

Three: Apply moisturizing gel

However, it will take 2 to 3 months to last every day to have an effect!

1 Choose a moisturizing gel or aloe vera gel that does not cause allergies, simple ingredients. After washing your face, apply a large pore (the thickness of the gel can be thicker) or a part that needs to be moisturized.

2 Cover with plastic wrap, increase the efficiency of absorption, remove after about 15 minutes. At this point, if too many acne accumulate in the pores, they will come out of the roots. The doctor reminds you not to see the acne head and want to kill it. Do not touch or wipe the acne.

3 After applying, rinse off the moisturizing gel with water and pat on the moisturizer. For the acne that is still strong, use "bear" to deal with it, because it means it is about to leave you. If you are handcuffed, you really haven't saved it!

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