New transparent packaging film

A biodegradable Bio-Flex 467F polylactic acid/polyester blend available from FKuR Kunststoff in Germany for film processing. With polyethylene's existing blown film processing equipment, there is no need to make any adjustments to the equipment's screw, die, or transfer device. Compared with the HDPE film, the new product has high mechanical strength and good elongation properties, while having high transparency and smoothness. Suitable for direct contact with food packaging film.

Source: Plastic Industry Network

The coating head of Coating & laminating experiment line can be changeable at any time according to different technicl processes, such as micro gravure, comma doctor blade, slot dit, or 3-roller coating etc. Machine(Extrusion Laminating Machines&Coating Laminating Machine) features even coating thickness. There has no strip or scratch, defect on the surface of finished products.

The cleaness of the ovens meets the requirements of 1000 class and the whole line 10000 class. Tension control is stable.

Whole line is designed in cantilever style with servo motor driving. Equipped with Nitrogen gas protection UV Curing device, the tensile control of the whole line is stable.

Laminating Machine Series

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