Honglang bathroom price

Honglang Sanitary Ware is a self-owned sanitary ware brand with nearly 20 years of history in China, and is the leader and leader among domestic sanitary ware brands in China. Honglang Sanitary Ware is affiliated to Fujian Fuquan Group Co., Ltd. While producing sanitary ware products, it also pays more attention to the provision of sanitary ware solutions. It is one of the few companies in China that is engaged in the development of overall sanitary ware. How about the bathroom and the price list of Honglang Sanitary Ware.

Honglang Sanitary Ware Company Profile


Fujian Fuquan Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, the group headquarters is located in the hometown of Zheng Chenggong-Fujian Nan'an. Fuquan Group mainly takes water taps, ceramics, solid wood bathroom cabinets, shower heads, metal pendants, hoses, induction sanitary ware and other series of products as its business objectives, and at the same time provides customers with the most perfect bathroom solutions, forming the current integrated bathroom A large, professional group enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service.

How about Honglang bathroom


1. The strength of Honglang bathroom

Honglang Sanitary Ware has more than 800 different specifications and a production base with a total area of ​​more than 300 mu. It is the winner of the honorary title of "China Sanitary Ware Brand Product". Honglang Sanitary Ware has advanced production equipment, professional talents and production technology, and has also made brilliant achievements in scientific research. During nearly 20 years of development, Honglang Sanitary Ware has developed products with independent intellectual property rights and more than 200 patents item.

2. Technology of Honglang Sanitary Ware

In terms of technology, Honglang Sanitary Ware has six core advanced production technologies, namely intelligent CNC technology, intelligent cold control technology, low-noise mute technology, super-rotation self-cleaning technology, health care skin softening technology and lasting shine technology, and macro The product design of Lang Sanitary Ware is elegant and it is the best choice for the modern bathroom space.

3. Management and service of Honglang Sanitary Ware

Honglang Sanitary Ware can achieve today's achievements, not only relying on technology and craftsmanship, Honglang's humanized management and perfect service are also indispensable. The "people-oriented" management concept enables enterprises to respond to the market with high efficiency and high efficiency. Change; "True feelings" services, continue to meet the needs and wishes of the market and users, and do everything we can to improve the quality of life of users.

Honglang Sanitary Ware Price List


In the above, I have learned some information about Honglang Sanitary Ware Company, product quality and process technology, so how is the price of Honglang Sanitary Ware, is it expensive? The following is the price information of several Honglang sanitary wares:

Honglang Sanitary Ware Price List Sanitary Ware Classification Model Specification (mm) Price (Yuan) Mop Pool Faucet HI210190 * 11030.24 Rack HG1101565 * 223 * 134448.58 Vegetable Basin Faucet HF1105335 * 177795.00 Shower Set HH1102 High 834-11581546.90 Shower Set HH1101 High 825-11503720.00 Triangle valve HI3106 high 5845.00 basin faucet HE1105165 * 120795.00 basin faucet HE1104170 * 114967.20

The above Honglang Sanitary Ware price information is for reference only. I have carefully read the contents of Honglang Sanitary Ware and the price list of Honglang Sanitary Ware in the above content. In detail, everyone can get a general understanding of Honglang Sanitary Ware, and the basic situation of Honglang is under certain understanding. I believe you can have a deeper understanding To this excellent bathroom brand.

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