[Combination Wardrobe] What are the functional structures of the combination wardrobe?

[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulties] Excuse me, what type of wardrobe is there? Do you know how to customize the overall wardrobe to make full use of the space?

[Question] What are the functional structures of the combination wardrobe?

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The combination of wardrobes can be divided into a combination of shapes and a combination of internal storage structures. Traditional finished wardrobes, the combination of storage functions are usually relatively monotonous, mainly in the hanging area and the stacking area, the shape combination is also relatively simple, mostly "one" type. The appearance of the whole wardrobe makes the style of the wardrobe have a qualitative leap. Whether it is the appearance or the internal structure, it gives people a refreshing feeling. So, what are the combinations of wardrobes on the market?

We first look at the shape of the wardrobe, mainly divided into "one" type, "L" type, "U" type, "into the wall" type and avoiding the combination of the package. According to different requirements, it can be tailor-made, reasonable use of storage space, flexible combination, and complete functions.

"One" font: All units are common.

L type: suitable for small and relatively square space, making the space arrangement compact and orderly.

U-shaped: suitable for a relatively large space, the U-shaped design of the wardrobe increases the depth and breadth of the space, the clothing in the closet is clear at a glance, and it is easy to achieve, achieving the combination of aesthetic and space.

In-wall wardrobe: It is mostly used for recessed rooms, which can make full use of space and make the original irregular space look more square.

Avoiding the beam-column type wardrobe: As the name suggests, it is mostly used for the room with beams and pillars, and can effectively avoid the room beams and columns in the room.

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