Art re-creation on the guide switcher

Art re-creation on the guide switcher

Artistic creation refers to the materialization and expression of artistic imagery. It is a process in which the artist transforms the artistic image that has been basically formed in the artistic thinking into an artistic symbol, and manifests it in a materialized form, and becomes a concrete and sensible artistic situation or image system. The live TV broadcast of the literary evening is to broadcast the literary performances on the stage to the TV viewers of thousands of households. Before the live performance of the literary evening, the technology has been guaranteed, the stage lighting effect has been set, and the sound effects on the scene are also ready. Only the work of switching directors and camera is still unknown. The switch of the party is also called live editing, that is, switching directors. On the switcher, we will perform impromptu art re-creation based on the images sent by the cameraman. For this reason, we must pay attention to several problems in artistic creation:

1. Avoid "visual beating"

Nowadays, the OB vans are generally above the six channels. In the face of numerous TV cameras, how to choose and how to connect the pictures? One of the basic principles for switching the director lens group is "moving motion" and "quiet connection", then "moving" to "quiet", "bright" to "dark", and sudden changes in the scene will cause "visual beating". Exceptions to special circumstances.

One of the manifestations of "visual beating" is the connection with the same scene. When the scene is connected, the overlap will be “not clean”. There is no rhythm, and the audience looks very awkward. When the main actors are connected to a single lens, in addition to avoiding the same scene, they should also pay attention to staggering them in the picture. Position, the cameraman if the editing awareness is strong, pay attention to the return can avoid this kind of error, switching the director sometimes nervously choose the wrong scene will also cause such errors, as long as the switch director is not chaotic, mutual reminder, remember the editing awareness Avoid it.

The second form of "visual beating" is the difference in speed of the motion lens. Everyone has different feelings and understandings of music. When using the lens, the speed of movement will be different, but the basic common sense of the camera tells us that the speed of movement must conform to the visual habits of the human eye, and the speed is fast. If you don't see the picture, you can't see the picture too slowly. If the speed of several shots is not combined, the rhythm and visual effect of the whole program will be destroyed. Therefore, when using the motion lens, it should match the rhythm. Look at the return, understand the speed of others' movements, and adjust your speed in time to avoid such mistakes.

The third form of "visual beating" is the combination of bright and dark scenes and sudden changes in scenes. The combination of flickering and dimming, and changing scenes will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Except for special needs, the switching director should try to avoid it. Sometimes the use of the "甩" lens will cause this kind of "beating". It is best not to use it less. When using the techniques of "painting" and "painting", you should also pay attention to it. When you "paint", you must "fix" for a few seconds. When you completely "enter the painting", remove it. The cameraman must avoid the editing point when changing the lens, otherwise it will cause irreparable "visual beating".

2. The rhythm of the screen switching

When broadcasting cultural evenings, the most commonly used editing techniques are “hard cut” and “stacking”, and “stacking” can also dilute the “visual beating” caused by the group to receive static and bright pictures, and when to use “hard cut”. When to use "stacking", it depends on the rhythm of the program. If the rhythm is fast, you can use "hard cut" and "fast stack". If the rhythm is slow, you can "slow stack"; in order to avoid the monotony and dullness of the picture, More dynamic motion shots such as push, pull, shake, move, heel, raise, and fall are used. The motion lens must have a reference object, which has a strong artistic appeal, but must pay attention to the opening and falling of the lens. There is no fixed lens with a widening or falling frame. The picture is incomplete. For example, a music program should use a motion lens according to phrases and music. The phrase begins to be a fixed picture of the lens, and then moves with the speed of the music rhythm. The phrase ends. A fixed picture for the lens drop.

3. Go to its dross and be good at "replacement"

The main job of switching directors is to be good at capturing wonderful pictures and moments. The "string help" or actor mistakes that happen on the stage should be scheduled and avoided in time, especially when broadcasting magic programs, because of the special program. Sex, should try to avoid the magician's "string help" action, select the magic-like mid-range lens, so that the TV screen and the stage performance "replace the Taiwan".

4. Close cooperation and mutual reminder

Television is a collection of group work that requires close coordination and mutual reminders from all aspects of staff. Switching the tacit cooperation between the director and the camera, subtitles, and live director is a guarantee for successful artistic re-creation. They must cooperate with each Other and understand and remind each other: sometimes live performances will encounter temporary changes or unexpected events, and TV will be needed. Switch between the director and the live director to coordinate and adjust in time; the end of the program lyrics also marks the end of the program, the captioner can remind the switching director that the program is coming to an end; the cameraman sends a very creative lens to remind the switch Director, because the overall concept of switching directors is not used for a while, you have to withstand "grievances". If several rounds have not come in handy, then you should never insist on it, first respect the idea of ​​switching directors and select.


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