Anti-counterfeiting of veterinary medicine bottles is almost zero

According to related statistics, the current number of veterinary drug companies in China has reached more than 600, and the overall output value of veterinary drugs has also been continuously improved. In this context, the market demand for veterinary medicine bottle packaging is also growing. However, we need to see that the overall profits of the current veterinary drug companies are generally not high, so the veterinary drug bottle packaging is often on the cost control of veterinary drug bottle packaging is also more stringent. The overall profit margin of the veterinary bottle market is not high.

Now, there is still a problem in the veterinary drug market is the proliferation of counterfeit veterinary drugs, ordinary users are difficult to distinguish the authenticity, veterinary drug bottle packaging security is almost zero. Under the stress of packaging cost, almost no veterinary bottle manufacturers have improved the anti-counterfeiting of veterinary bottles. This makes the packaging of veterinary medicine bottles extremely easy to counterfeit, and consumers lack the ability to identify the security of packaging. For this kind of situation, we believe that we must mainly consider veterinary drug manufacturers. In the anti-counterfeiting of veterinary medicine bottles, it is necessary to request packaging suppliers. At the same time, our veterinary drug companies should also provide more financial support for packaging costs.

For veterinary medicine bottle packaging, now with the veterinary drug companies have turned their attention to the export market, it is also very important to actively understand and adapt the policies of various countries to the packaging of veterinary medicine bottles.

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