70700-30-0, adenine phosphate, vitamin B4

Name: adenine phosphate, 6-aminophosphonium phosphate, phosphoadenosine, vitamins, aminoguanidine phosphate, vitamin B4, 1H-嘌呤-6-aminophosphate CAS number: 70700-30-0 C5H8N5O4P=233.13 Level: High Purity Grade content: ≥98.0% molar extinction value: ε not less than 12000, chromatographic at 1 mol/L HCH: acceptable traits: white or off-white crystalline powder, slightly acidic. Melting point 261-263 ° C (decomposition). Soluble in boiling water and sodium hydroxide solution, slightly soluble in cold water, dilute, insoluble in chloroform and ether. At pH 2, the maximum absorption wavelength is 262.5 nm (ε13200), the minimum absorption wavelength is 229 nm, the absorbance ratio A250/A260=0.76, A280/A260=0.38, A290/A260=0.04 use: biochemical research. Irritating leukocyte proliferation. Save: RT, protected from light

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