7 kinds of muscle-enhancing foods make fitness more effective

We know that muscle gain requires a lot of equipment to exercise and tear muscle fibers, and then the muscle fibers are thickened during the repair process, thereby increasing muscles. Muscles need a lot of nutrients in the process of repair, so it is very important to replenish food in time, which will make your exercise more effective. Here are 7 kinds of foods that help muscle growth, for your fitness partners to choose.

1, olive oil, "good fat" in the muscle

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Many people talk about the "fat" discoloration. In fact, no matter what the demand is, people can't completely reject the fat, otherwise it is very easy to cause the lack of fat-soluble vitamins and make the body uncomfortable. Because of the good or bad fat, muscles should use the "good fat" in the muscles - olive oil. The polyunsaturated fat contained in olive oil can not directly increase the testosterone level in the body, but also promote the consumption of fat under the premise that the fat intake does not exceed the recommended amount per day, and help the body to enter a state of promoting growth.

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